Part time vegetarian


Sometimes… and I stress sometimes the thought of meat makes me swoon and not in a good way.

I have been feeling this pull for a few years to incorporate Veggie Days.  With all the info that is out there about the benefits, I searched to find a substitute so I could enjoy my veggies and not resent them.

Quorn crispy chicken is the BEST!

While wandering thru the store (feeling sorry for myself since I was told I was Type 2 Diabetic) trying to find things to take to lunch I was given a sample of this faux chicken and fell in love. I make sandwiches , cut it up while hot and have chicken salads and overall never feel deprived.

My overall goal was to give my tummy a rest from meat and focus on as much live food as possible. Quorn made it easy. So now I will have my two days a week to give my body a break and regain energy, clearer skin and longevity .

I have a few vegetarian friends (yes I have friends from the land of “Vegetaria” I’m liberal) and damn if they don’t rub

Please leave me a comment for any tips to add to my two-day respite.




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