Hot Pink Oh My!


I am so in love with the transformation this sofa/daybed has already taken.  Now mind you I was gifted this gorgeous comfy sofa and I loved the floral fabric that it came with. But I have always wanted a pink velvet couch (what righteous woman doesn’t!). So, when I started decorating my #sheshed I saw the two sofas dueling. I knew I wanted a really pretty but busy area rug.. (a hand tufted rug 🙂 so the time had come to buy fabric.

(here is my inspiration gorgeous pink sofa that started it all )studio shot of flower sofa

There were three big solid green pillows with trim and two of the flowered ones. Pretty*


My rug came and the conflict of colors forced me to overcome screwing up and just doing the dang thing 🙂


I loved the black background and decided to keep it. I still want to change the trim to black and change the inside of the arms as well. (just taking a break).


I love the floral sides so I will keep them !


I am going to use snaps to close the pillows so I can clean them and these three lovelies are FEATHERED… good and bad. the feathers in one is coming out so I will sew a new inner case for that soon..

Thank you for letting me share my project in my girl space 🙂

*Create the space to dream in!


#gethere #chasingfifty


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