Champagne Poppin!!!!


img_0020Okay… the holidays are here and it would seem appropriate to have a bottle of bubbly on hand. But lately I have been following The Lovely Cara Alwill of the “Champagne Diet” fame and blog. She tells on her blog how a friend told her to drink champagne because it is lower in calories 🙂

Her blog is bright and inspiring and it speaks to the “smart savvy girl in all of us.

She has also written several books worth adding to your collection.

I am a big believer in adding a touch of bliss to your life in small strokes as not to create some new facade to keep up with… just little moments that can center you and make you smile.  You know when you have a secret.

You should elevate everything in your life that is personal.

*Your sleepwear


*Body products

*What you read and watch (but the occasional trash tv or binge on Netflix is quite okay)

What ever feeds your heart and soul INCREASE IT!!!  Simple.

So I now keep a bottle of champagne at the ready.

It is up to you to create a special moment alone or with loved ones.

*now go on… Elevate!!



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