Chasing Fifty: Love..About time

One of the things I believe happened when I started to crest in my 40’s is my threshold for taking people s dismal offerings. Love.. four little complicated letters formed to doom you, haunt you and allude you if you are not clear about what it feels or taste like.

Without inflaming my Carpal tunnel simply figure out


From there you should be able to start asking for the other ‘ish you were too polite to demand.

It all starts with how you are loving you. YOU… yes be your best freakin’ friend.

Then you can raise the standard for everyone else. Show people how to care for you by the way you create standards of care in your own life.

The narrative can’t be different for your lover that you have for yourself. It won’t work.

But I honestly believe everyone should demand from life what the soul requires.( I said that)

Now start today with a demand… what are you yearning for … attention?   Well, show up for yourself by completing your goals. Don’t neglect yourself.

If you made a promise to yourself KEEP IT. You can’t expect anyone to honor you if you don’t…

Hey.. just start forgiving and loving you.. in every measure. Then that signal goes out and you will receive what the soul requires.

Love you… cause you’re worthy.




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