Whip it baby


So Portland decided to have its random it may or may not snow day.

I love PO for that. I it’s like living in weather bingo.  You wait for your number to be called and then it time…. break out the parka!

Yes we have big brands here like Columbia SportswearNike and my fav ADIDAS BABY.

The sportswear giants have their version of winter wear which you buy at an outlet just for  giggles but then there is TODAY (voice of infamy).


So I did what any true West Coaster would do.. made myself a drink and sat my ass down somewhere.  No need me proving we Oregonians can’t drive in this stuff.. just chill and take Instagram pics.

My drink today was an old school B52… Yumilicious!!!! It is nostalgic for me since it was the first grown up drink I knew how to order. Super sweet and will lift you up a flight or two if not for the sugar alone but I LOVE IT!

That is the fun about being over 50 cause when you do stuff your just “cool” and “suave”.

….so a little whip cream and voila!

Enjoy this winter safely on a couch and a limit lol!


#Get here

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