Face it, no filter


Telling yourself the truth is the best start to your personal care… that means naked is best.

I did my weekly facial last night and I think I took an extra layer as I was Super sensitive afterwards. I knew I had an event today and wanted a clean smooth base.

Skincare starts before the beauty products, cause it starts with health.

Being aware of my diet and water intake has truly given me another tool in my arsenal.

Diet is personal for everyone but one tip I can give you besides start with what you eat and water intake, try some natural measures for great skin.

1: Dry brush body before you bathe

Benefits: Exfoliate -Increased Circulation-Reduce Cellulite-Cleans Pores (just to name a few)

2: Scrub with baking soda.

Benefits: Gentle Exfoliant-Brightens Skin

Those are two of the MANY tools in my arsenal for pampering an nurture my skin.

facial tools #chasingfifty

These are just two tips for healthy clear skin and I plan to share more.

But remember WATER is first and rest and low stress!…( good luck on the last two).




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