This Guy on the podcast

On the Chasing Fifty Podcast I was fortunate to spend time with one of my favorite people, Ed Faris. He is my brother from another mother and my pseudo business coach.

We as women can find out so much from men if only the  guys would just loosen up put on the fuzzy robe with us and TALK

That is what I love about my Bro Ed.  He is quick to share his two highly taxed cents. In our conversation we covered love, social media and all the in between with the respect to age. I learned a few nuggets about men that will save my hubby some grief and earn me some wife points.

Ed said  “men don’t have an opinion on everything” and it floored me. I never heard that before and it was so insightful… I went home and immediately used my new found info on my hubby and Jhedi mind tricked him!

It is a beautiful thing to see the world thru the eyes of the opposite sex because it makes me appreciate being a woman even MORE.( don’t worry Men, I do love you too 🙂

Please click the link and listen to the battle of the sexes..maybe a friendly sword fight between friends and share.




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