Fly Awake Pdx on the Podcast!!

Listen and enjoy!

On the podcast:

PEOPLE… did you know there is a big tea movement happening in the Portland area?

Yes !, while you sleep leaves are being steeped and people are teleporting! Okay… maybe not REALLY teleporting but spiritually the teas brewed at this amazing tea joint will lift you right out of any funk .

The owner of Fly Awake Pdx , Kevin  von Behren is the “Tea Whisperer”. He has an intuitive way of guiding you to the right teas to personalize your experience.

I first found this sweet biz in a certified backyard haven with a Indian style tea cart nestled in a corner with mature bamboo shading the area. It was magical.

On the podcast, you will hear his journey as an artist to now purveyor of all things tea.

Please check out this awesome space online and in person!



Kevin von Behren
tea house podcast





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