Libra Forde is live on the podcast!

Listen and enjoy!


On the Podcast:

Libra Forde

I met this dynamic woman and have been inspired ever since.

One day in my office a statuesque beauty walked in and said “ALOHA”. Now mind you we are in Oregon and the greeting wasn’t one I am used to but I loved it!

Her energy then and now is enough to light the sky and rally troops to push forward.

She is a champion Toastmaster, ex basketball player, world traveler and so much more but most of all a woman to watch. Her passion to educate has navigated her career and continues to expand.

I learned so much from my time working with Libra about her leadership style. Her ability to inspire her team to take risk and trust themselves was moving. The team grew individually and made great strides that year.

I am sure you will take away many wonderful gems to inspire you and who you lead.

Her story is highlighted with courage and purpose and this is not a podcast to miss.

Please listen and be encouraged..


As alway, thank you!!


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