Kee’s Loaded Kitchen is LIFE!!


The most LIT Podcast interview!!!

The “Kee’s Loaded Kitchen” is your aunties cooking you grew up with and more.

But it is the red haired angel that serves up a two-handed plate that will feed you past consciousness that is the star!



Kiauna Nelson , known as Kee

is the real deal Holyfield (if you old-school then you know)!

Some only know the funny quick witted Instagram star who cooks like an artist paints, but listen to this podcast and meet the warm focused woman who will inspire you to get all you dream for.

I was blessed to sit down with the busiest woman I know and hear what hustle and a mind that can create magic sounds like.

I was start struck when I sat down but came away with a new sister!

In Kee’s words: Wake up early ~ Work hard ~Watch who you give your time to



**Please listen and share. Go To Chasing Fifty Itunes!

Please follow Kee on Instagram/Kee’sLoadedKitchen


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