Get Your Life: Katie and Jeff!

On the podcast! Today is a treat! I had a wonderful afternoon with the McNeals and I wanted to share a laugh filled conversation about life and love. Katie and Jeff have been married for over a year and are looking forward to getting pregnant. We laugh and share a some of there journey. Please…

Ring..Your Souls’ calling!!!

On the podcast! Have you found yourself talking about an issue or situation you are in to anyone who will listen… Have you had angst to the point of physical stress.. Your soul will whisper until it gets to a critical mass and will shout at you.. You will listen one way or another ……..

Vulnerable Zone.. safe space

On the Podcast!   Today I will share who inspired me today. Cara Alwil Leyba from is one of my favorite bloggers and podcasters. Her podcast is called Style Your Mind. Being vulnerable is a gift you can share with anyone you truly want to connect. Just know you are enough! Listen and be inspired! Comment…

Hecklers gonna… Heck? lol

On the podcast! When the voices come to shake you up on your path to bliss and joy, stand up and slap the pop out their hand. “Get Outta Here!!” Before you can repeat a mantra you have to address your opposition. The shouting from the stands may be your passions screaming DON’T COMPROMISE!!!  …

Listen and move!

On the podcast today! Ever have a nagging feeling you should be doing something or think something is about to happen? Listen to today’s podcast about intuition and remember to tap into your  amazing gift! Ignoring your knower will only lessen the trust you must have in yourself. Enjoy!   SP*  

And yet there is more!

On the podcast!   Never let the fear that this is all there is! There is so much more grace and love waiting to grow you and receive you. You have not seen your best day yet! SP Listen and enjoy!  

Tally Up!

Let’s catch our breath and evaluate

Better Late than Never!

Today on the podcast! So often in life we have created these deadlines that determine a life well lived or a complete waste of space on earth.   Now mind you this is all in our minds… Yes that vault of torture that WE design to enslave happiness. TODAY …TOGether we are going to give…

Too Damn Busy

On today’s Podcast: On this weeks Monday Mindset on the ChasingFifty Podcast, I am talking about being busy and how it may not yield the success your looking for. Sometimes we replace dedication for a long haul project for packed schedules that smoke-screen the lack of diligence. Please check out the podcast and rate comment and…

Moon Me

Always look for the light

Chasing Fifty: Love..About time

One of the things I believe happened when I started to crest in my 40’s is my threshold for taking people s dismal offerings. Love.. four little complicated letters formed to doom you, haunt you and allude you if you are not clear about what it feels or taste like. Without inflaming my Carpal tunnel…