Sound Off…

Tune out everything that destroys your dreams…those wrecking balls of fear and doubt. And if any dream-killers so called lovers or friends come with their shit…. drown them out with ” so sorry you can’t dream or visualize in techno but maybe Amazon┬áhas it on Prime.   Just get quiet and put on your favorite…


Red White and Blue-glorious


I love Chanel like the next fashionista but when I saw this tray I had to pause… I am not sure Chanel even makes such an item for their salons in Paris,, but I want it! Even when advertised as hand painted faux it is still over $100… now my crafty side said “Gurl you…

Hot Pink Oh My!

Don’t be afraid to try. There is always a seam ripper! SP

Curvy beauty

who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day

Gin and Tonic

Dig out the old bar recipes because there are some oldies but goodies