Cry Bitch.. like often!

On the podcast!   With all the meditating and empowerment mantras people forget we need a good cry sometimes! The key to your growth is knowing how to release. A good cry is definitely apart of your bliss! Please listen and laugh and hopefully CRY dammit.   As always, love ya much.. but better yet…

Hecklers gonna… Heck? lol

On the podcast! When the voices come to shake you up on your path to bliss and joy, stand up and slap the pop out their hand. “Get Outta Here!!” Before you can repeat a mantra you have to address your opposition. The shouting from the stands may be your passions screaming DON’T COMPROMISE!!!  …

Parenting by fire

On the podcast!   Todays podcast is special. I have my oldest daughter Colette on my podcast today and we shared our personal relationship as well as her parenting highs and lows. It was so good to talk about the fears and shame a parent can carry when trying to parent alone. But, also see…

Listen and move!

On the podcast today! Ever have a nagging feeling you should be doing something or think something is about to happen? Listen to today’s podcast about intuition and remember to tap into your ¬†amazing gift! Ignoring your knower will only lessen the trust you must have in yourself. Enjoy!   SP*  

And yet there is more!

On the podcast!   Never let the fear that this is all there is! There is so much more grace and love waiting to grow you and receive you. You have not seen your best day yet! SP Listen and enjoy!  

Tally Up!

Let’s catch our breath and evaluate