Shop Wanderlust: Vanessa Lurie

I was so spoiled to meet Vanessa Lurie of Wanderlust , a vintage clothing and accessories store in SE Portland. Her store also has jewelry, pins candles and lots of goodies to give as gifts.


I first saw her vintage trailer on a Swedish blog and was surprised when I saw it parked on Alberta one afternoon. At that time, there were few trailers used as clothing shops and to have a quasi famous one here in Portland was SUPER COOL!!

I loved her business model and when she moved her shop to a brick and mortar it allowed me to think I could evolve my dream as well. Vanessa is one of the business owners I respect for her willingness to the create relationships. All  businesses should  build communities and not just entities.

She was very gracious to sit with me for a sister-chat on my podcast.

One of the funniest takeaways was when Vanessa said “Keep your eyes on your own paper”(lol). Those of us who want to have a business need to be true to ourselves even as we draw from others.


Please Listen to my podcast chat with Vanessa and drop by her shop. You will  fall in love just like I do EVERY time I walk in.

Here are two wooden necklaces I bought there!


And my infamous koozie 🙂





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