Chasing Fifty: Love..About time

One of the things I believe happened when I started to crest in my 40’s is my threshold for taking people s dismal offerings. Love.. four little complicated letters formed to doom you, haunt you and allude you if you are not clear about what it feels or taste like. Without inflaming my Carpal tunnel…

Monday Mindset: Connect the Dots

Let’s pause and take in account what is real and present in our lives. Connect the dots on what is really showing up and what our lives are telling us. Listen and enjoy, xo XP

Monday Mindset; Opposition

Opposition:  ..Can lead to a blow up, break up and a break thru. Sometimes opposition is not aiming to destroy you but propel you to your next season. Please enjoy this episode and have a great week. xo SP

Wins and Lessons: New Life

I hope you give yourself credit for holding space for this passion you are brining back to life. There are no losses when you carry space for your dreams. Be encouraged and give yourself grace.  We’ve only just begun! xo SP

Lighten Up

Most people are invested in creating structure and boundaries as to protect themselves. I suggest we all be careful not to build a space that confines us. Give yourself grace and be well! xo SP

Perfectly Clear

On the Podcast! Don’t court me to sell to me!! Lol!! Have you been invited to tea or coffee with the guise of friends meeting just to get a sales pitch??? Ugh! Let’s make it clear what we expect and sales people please be transparent! No hustling please! Honesty is the best policy! Have a…

Get Your Life: Katie and Jeff!

On the podcast! Today is a treat! I had a wonderful afternoon with the McNeals and I wanted to share a laugh filled conversation about life and love. Katie and Jeff have been married for over a year and are looking forward to getting pregnant. We laugh and share a some of there journey. Please…

Ring..Your Souls’ calling!!!

On the podcast! Have you found yourself talking about an issue or situation you are in to anyone who will listen… Have you had angst to the point of physical stress.. Your soul will whisper until it gets to a critical mass and will shout at you.. You will listen one way or another ……..

Back to School!

On the Podcast! Okay The kids woke up early (if they went to sleep at all) ready to put on the new duds and fly sneaks and head out the door with expectation. This is how I want to approach each week I want the same wonder to envelope me week after week. I know…

Done Unto You

Today on the podcast! (here is episode 66 please go to¬†iTunes/Chasing Fifty¬†and subscribe and hear all of the shows!!) Hello!! So we all have heard the quote, “do unto others as you as you would have them do unto you”. Today on ¬†Monday Mindset I want to share and challenge you to rethink how you…

Write the vision

On the podcast! Now is a good time to dust off your old vision plan and revise it. Hopefully you have made great strides, but now would be ¬†good time to revisit and expand your original vision. You will be inspired by how far you have come and reinforce the path you are on. Stay…